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Elevated Pole Show
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Photographer Rachel Marshall offers a photoshoot in the studio during the festival!

The photoshoot is in Grønnsalen in Trondheim Pole Studio and lasts 30 minutes. The price per person is NOK 1,650. This includes 5 edited images with the option to buy more photos.

The photoshoots will be on Sunday 3 March and Monday 4 March. 
Check out @ray.marsh on Insta and see the amazing photos she takes!



The festival week will be full of workshops at Trondheim Pole Studio!

We are visited by some wonderful instructors who will hold workshops for us!

All will take place in Trondheim Pole Studio's premises.

Cassie Pickersgill

Monday 4. March 17:30

Dark Sensuality

All levels


A dance based workshop

in heels following

Cassies signature style,

learning short sequences

including some more

flowy pole based tricks and combos to weave together or to hone in on individually. With a focus on movement quality and dark seduction Cassie will lead you through her way of flowing around the pole encouraging sensual self indulgence, extended lines, edgework & floorwork. With plenty of time to dance through sequences, make them your own and play with new movement patterns. This workshop is suitable for all levels but some previous experience dancing in heels is recommended. 


Cassie Pickersgill

Monday 4. March 19:30

Sexy Choreo
All levels


An hour and a half

choreo workshop

learning a routine in

Cassie's signature style,

think leggy flow with an

emphasis on musicality and hints of edgework. Cassie uses a mixture of old school style & classic sultry stripper style to create a sensual routine with leg swirls, body waves and plenty of attitude. This workshop is suitable for all levels but some previous experience dancing in heels is recommended. 


Annie Thorkildsen

Saturday 9. March 10:30

Advanced beginner/ intermediate


We will do a good warm

up on the floor, with

some stretching, then

some strength warm up

in the hoop.
We will play with a lot of splitty sequenzes and also some backbend involved if the students would like that (I will also do variations that will not require a lot of backbending)


Annie Thorkildsen

Saturday 9. March 11:45

Back/hips and shoulders in action

All levels


Here we work on our

back, shoulder and

hip flexibility, at the end

we practice different

variation of needle.
I focus on opening up and strengthening all parts of the back: Lower, middle
and upper back. So we can have a healthy backbend using all parts of the spine.
We will also focus on our hips and shoulder flexibility being a big part of a
backbend, bridge and needle.


Tina Jahr

Saturday 9. March 13:30




A workshop filled with

dynamic combos and

tricks that require lots of

strength. Join a

demanding but safe process towards the dream of,  regrips, flip offs and powerspins. Everything can be broken down into smaller parts and you will get to know drills that have boosted my own development within Power&Dynamics. There are many steps on the way to big and heavy combos, join one of them here!

PS. Student spotting will most often be necessary at this workshop.
Prior knowledge: Back grab, brass monkey, butterfly and handspring with spotting.


Tina Jahr

Saturday 9. March 15:00

Floor hugger

Open level -> Handstand


Discover a new world

in pole dancing; floor


You will learn rolls,

handstands and creative

transitions that challenge you in several ways. The lesson contains many transitions that you can play with in other combos.
Prerequisites: pole handstand

PS. Sweatpants, socks and kneepads are recommended.



Russian Floorwork and Transition Intermediate

Thomas the Purple Pirate

This workshop will focus

on the foundation of poi.

We will learn how to open the body, arms and chest extended. Also called PoiChi, from the Chinese Tai Chi, being able to move freely and turn is the first step to free movement and play.


Saturday 09 March 13:30

PoiChi Workshop - foundations

No experience necessary

NOK 100


Russian Floorwork and Transition Intermediate

Thomas the Purple Pirate

Most people have tried

a hoola hoop during their

life, mostly as kids. Come learn how to really hoop and add some sweet moves to add to your hoop flow. Hoops and dance come together, and makes hoola hooping a fun way to exercise and play.


Saturday 09 March 15:30

Hoola Hoop Workshop

No experience necessary

NOK 100


Russian Floorwork and Transition Intermediate

Ingrid Hove

Come and join one

fun training class with

dance where you get a

taste of this dance style that took the world by storm during the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, 1994, and which has since been a popular show and competition dance worldwide.
In this class, you will get to know some basic steps, and learn a simple show choreography.
No other dance experience is necessary.
It's up to you whether you just want to dance in socks, or wear a pair of comfortable dance shoes, sneakers, jazz shoes etc.


Sunday 10. March 12:30

Introduksjonskurs i irsk dans (Riverdance)

No experience necessary



Russian Floorwork and Transition Intermediate

Nina Wilhelmsen

Swinging hips,

sinuous arms and

shaking shapes: on

this workshop you get an insight into the world of belly dancing and learn the most common movements to different music from the Middle East.

The class is suitable for those who have not tried belly dancing before, for those who want to repeat basic movements, and for those who want to move in a social setting.

You can borrow a hip belt. Put on normal training clothes/slightly tight clothes and a water bottle.

Nina is a professional dancer with over 20 years of experience in oriental dance, colloquially known as belly dance. She has danced on both large and small stages at home and abroad. Nina has a wide repertoire, and masters most styles of oriental dance, and holds the Egyptian style close to her heart.


Sunday 10. March 14:30

Introkurs til orientalsk dans

No experience necessary



Russian Floorwork and Transition Intermediate

Drama Tique

Do you have an inner

burlesque god or

goddess inside you, who

is just waiting to come out? Then this is the workshop for you!

Martine Gundersen, or Drama Tique as she is known on stage, holds a workshop you don't want to miss.

There will be a focus on stage presence, movement and developing your own burlesque persona.

High heels are allowed, but not required. Feel free to wear clothes you feel a little extra nice in. Feathers, glitter anything goes.

Welcome to the burlesque workshop!


Sunday 10. March 16:30


No experience necessary


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