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Elevated Pole Show
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Festival week

Throughout the festival week, there will be special classes and events in the studio! 


with Secret Flamingo

Wednesday 12.10 at 19.00

We visit two burlesque artists from the group Secret Flamingo who will hold a workshop. The workshop lasts 1.5 hours and contains movement/dance, plus conversations and exercises about being a sensual actor on stage and finding your inner burlesque persona. There will be an opportunity to ask lots of questions to the artists, who go by their namesStrawberry LillyandDramatic

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Belly dance and tango fusion

with Natalia Torres Bergan Dance School

Thursday 13.10 at 18.00

Belly dancing has its roots in North Africa, the Middle East and Turkey and since its origin has spread to large parts of the world and developed in very different directions. This time we will merge belly dance with the most sensual dance from Argentina; Tango. 
Join this exciting class with Natalia Torres Bergan from Córdoba, Argentina. Natalia has danced and taught belly dance and several Latin dances for almost 20 years and has a unique experience to stitch together these two different dances into a seamless, harmonious experience.



with Raw Dance Studio

Thursday 13 October at 19.30

Locking is a dance style that originated in the early 1970s. Don Campbell stopped moving when he danced social part dances, and his teacher encouraged him to keep doing it. People thought it was cool, and with that the style that is now called locking developed. It is a dance style that is danced to funk music, it is funky, character driven, humorous and strong. The class is held by Trine Kjøsnes, who has just won Soul Sessions and is the best in Norway!

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