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Elevated Pole Show
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Polefotografen Hui Yin Low tilbyr fotoshoot hos oss under workshophelgen!

En 1-timers økt kan deles på enten 2 eller 3 personer. Prisene er som følger:
2 personer: 1875 kr per pers – inkluderer 6 redigerte bilder per pers. 
3 personer: 1250 kr per pers – inkluderer 4 redigerte bilder per pers. 
Ekstra redigerte bilder er 250kr per bilde.
Sjekk ut @hylowphoto på Insta og se de fantastiske bildene hun tar!


Helgen 8.-9. oktober blir det fullt opp med workshop hos Trondheim Pole Studio!

Vi får besøk av noen fantastiske instruktører som skal holde workshop for oss!

Prisen er 450,- per workshop.

Alle vil foregå i Trondheim Pole Studio sine lokaler.

Lørdag 8. oktober

Olga Biserova


Exotic Pole Dance

All levels

Learn a snippet of lyrical

exotic routine using

some fluid pole

transitions and floor

work dance moves.

This class also includes

acrobatic exotic-based movements.


Olga Biserova


Beauty Soul

Intermediate and advanced

(Spinning Pole) Olga's

favorite combinations on

spinning pole! Full of

strength, grace and

interesting transitions.

Learn extraordinary

elements while flying on dynamic pole.


Alex Shchukin


Tricks and Combos/Transitions

Alex will be happy to

teach you his own

unique technics for

keeping strength and

gaining power in various

handsprings, breathtaking

combos of advanced level and the most highly appreciated tricks of the world of pole dance. He will also teach you, how to combine different tricks and inversions, and how to dance with a relaxed smile on your face, hanging upside down four meters above the ground.


Alex Shchukin



All levels

Alex will show you his

unique methods, which

will help you get the

perfect back and

unbelievable splits.

He will teach you the

set of exercises he developed based on professional training for sports gymnasts and ballet dancers, that you can use later on your own. You will also get a new experience in how to use the pole for stretching and how to gain maximum result of each movement.


Søndag 9. oktober


Russian Floorwork and Transition Intermediate

Katia Shchukina

This class offers wide

variety of transitions

and tricks to create a

perfect exotic routine

and work on the flow

and accents. You will

learn different jumps

and drops technics, shoulder stands, front and back rolls, jump outs and flips, all of them possible to combine to create impressive advance
dance flow.
High heels are obligatory. Knee pads or soft leggings, pants to protect the legs and knees are OBLIGATORY as well.



Russian Floorwork and Transition



Pole Artistry (pole choreography)

All levels

Alex Shchukin

Pole choreography.

Alex will teach you how

to use your body, ignore

the gravity and feel the

music. He will show you

the most artful transitions,

combos and floorwork, which will prove to you – pole dance is not only a sport, it`s an art. You will also learn a short exclusive routine, you can transform or use for your own benefit. At the workshop you can also ask Alex for advice, if you have tricks in mind you can`t combine, he will help you to make a beautiful routine out of anything!



Pole Artistry (pole choreography)

All levels


Backflexibility and needlescale

Intermediate & advanced

Anna Duc

If you feel stuck in your

back/ shoulder flexibility

or awesome moves like

the needlescale, this

workshop is a must for

Besides from being a pole dancer, Anna also performs spinal surgeries and has therefore great knowlegde of the human body. She is highly passionate about learning YOU how to stretch in a correct, healthy and efficiant way.
See photo of her own needlescale journey for motivation!
And as a bonus: By the end of the class she will gladly spot you into a RAINBOW MARCHENKO if you are up for it!

Rainbow Marchenko.jpg


Backflexibility and needlescale

Intermediate & advanced


Signature tricks and combos Intermediate & advanced

Anna Duc

In this class you will learn

some of Anna's favourite

spinning pole combos.

The style will be gracious

and athletic as she is

known for. She is highly

detail oriented in participants individual techniques giving tricks that will be usefull for the future.
Requirements for advanced level: Stable aerial invert on spinning pole and switch from inside to outside leg hang.
Requirements for intermediate level: Inside and outside leghang + straddle from the floor, stable climbing



Signature tricks and

combos Intermediate & advanced

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